Pre-push build

Pre-push build

We'll also use Husky to apply an additional quality check before pushing new commits back to the git server: ensuring that we can actually build the project successfully. We do this pre-push rather than pre-commit since building is a slower step.


Setup instructions (courtesy of a ChatGPT conversation (opens in a new tab)):

  1. Create a new pre-push file in the project's .husky directory

  2. Paste in the following content:

. "$(dirname "$0")/_/"
STASH_NAME="pre-push-$(date +%s)"
# Function to pop stash if changes were stashed
clean_up() {
    if [ "$STASHED_CHANGES" = true ]; then
        git stash pop -q
    exit $1
# Set trap to run clean_up function on exit
trap 'clean_up $?' EXIT
# Stash uncommitted changes including untracked, with a unique stash name
git stash push -q --include-untracked --message "$STASH_NAME"
# Check if a new stash was created
if git stash list | grep -q "$STASH_NAME"; then
echo "Running build before push..."
# Run build
npm run build
  1. Run chmod +x .husky/pre-push to make the file executable


To validate that the pre-push hook works properly, we'll make a change that will break the Next.js build step:

  1. Create a file src/app/api/test/route.ts

  2. Add the content export function myFunction() {}

Note that when you run npm run lint, no issues are returned. However, when you run npm run build, you get an error:

- info Creating an optimized production build
- info Compiled successfully
- info Linting and checking validity of types ...Failed to compile.
Type error: Route "src/app/api/test/route.ts" does not match the required types of a Next.js Route.
  "myFunction" is not a valid Route export field.

To validate that the pre-push hook is working, commit the changed file (git commit -a -m "Break build"), then push (git push). You'll see that the hook runs the build command and prevents the push from going forward.