The StarterStack workflow defines how a change to the project goes from something you've decided to do to something that's deployed to production. It is a more detailed version of the Github flow (opens in a new tab) workflow:

Preparing a change locally

The first step is to create a git branch for your change.

Then, you'll make changes in VSCode. We'll set up VSCode to do the following automatically as you edit:

You'll use the Next.js built-in development server to preview your changes and test manually.

You'll commit and push your changes to the branch. A pre-commit hook will re-run Prettier and ESLint to ensure that your changes are formatted and linted correctly.

Validating a change

When you believe your change is ready, you'll create a pull request for other project members to review, or for youself in the mindset of a reviewer.

When a pull request is created, the following will happen automatically:

  • The code will be built and deployed to a Vercel preview environment
  • All unit and integration tests will be run

Merging to main will be blocked until a preview build has been successfully deployed, all tests have passed, and all review comments have been addressed.

Once that's the case, you will merge to main and delete your branch.

Deploying a change to production

When you merge to main, your change will automatically be deployed to production.